Monday, March 25, 2013

"Sister More"

I've been fascinated recently with accounts of early Mormon women prophesying. These women received mixed responses from those around them – sometimes their messages were doubted, but often those that heard felt the truth in what these women taught and believed. The woman I'm profiling today falls in the latter category.

Daniel Tyler had a badly fractured leg, and there was a legitimate concern that his leg would ever heal properly. The prospect of facing life crippled devastated him, and on this particular Sunday, he was in despair.

When the meeting began, a “Sister More” stood and began to speak in tongues. She addressed her remarks to him. Tyler reports that he could understand every word she said, and even though it was so different from his “own belief and the fears of many others,” he gave the interpretation: “Your leg will be healed, and you will go on a foreign mission and preach the gospel in foreign lands. No harm shall befall you, and you shall return in safety, having great joy in your labors.”

Sister More's prophesy was fulfilled. Shortly afterwords, Tyler had a dream that told him how to strengthen his limb, and after a week, he was walking with a cane instead of crutches. He would go on to serve a mission in Switzerland.

I admire Sister More's courage and spirituality. Her prophesy brought hope and direction to someone in need, and his life was greatly blessed as a result.

Carol Lynn Pearson, Daughters of Light, referencing Scraps of Biography, published by the Salt Lake City Juvenile Instructor (1883).


Margaret said...

"Speaking in tongues" is always one of those things that makes me slightly...uncomfortable. I don't understand it. It feels weird to me. And yet, it's a tradition in so many faiths, including our own (and all of Christianity, in fact)!

Mickelle said...

So glad to have happened upon your blog. What wonderful synopses you have of so many interesting women. Thank you for making them accessible to the rest of us!

Brooke said...

What a brilliant idea this blog is! I can't wait to come back in March 2014 and see what your theme is.