Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012: Fight

Don't get me wrong: I'm not a total pushover. I don't say or do things I disagree with to keep people happy. But let me tell you, I hate conflict, and do what I can to avoid situations that are filled with it. I can be downright cowardly in the way I refuse to engage or challenge when confronted with ideas I disagree with.

This women's history month, I've felt drawn to women with the courage to fight for their convictions. Whether it is standing up to corporations or facing down an angry mob, they courageously stood their ground, or even pushed to gain more. And what's more, their courage to fight was firmly grounded in their faith. They acted with the assurance that their rebellions and battles were in line with God's will for them. I'm hoping to learn to channel this courage in my own life.

As for logistics, I'm only promising Monday posts this women's history month. Hopefully I can pull off some more, but I make no guarantee beyond that. Getting my hands on Mormon women's resources requires more organization and time now that I'm not connected to a university. But I hope you enjoy these women's courage as much as I do.

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