Monday, March 1, 2010

We are strong women

For my in-laws, the phrase “we are strong women” was a kind of family motto. While it is true physically in some cases (my mother-in-law did do judo in college, after all), it refers to the decisions they make and the way they respond to challenges in life. They choose to look for the positive when the negative is closing in around them. They choose to love in situations where it hurts to do so, and to hope when the easier thing to do is give up. They work hard to achieve their potential and help those in their responsibility do the same.

They are examples of one of the many kinds of strength I see in so many of the Mormon women I've met. I love the diversity of ways this strength manifests itself. I’m grateful for the countless examples of women who acted with purpose, despite the costs, when they knew who they were and the role God wanted them to fill.

Several of the women I’m featuring this month were a part of the Martin or Willie handcart companies. I did this because I’ve frequently heard quotes about the caliber of the saints that survived this trek, and I was curious about what their lives were like after they arrived. I picked out a few of the women that especially resonated with me.

This month is a little crazy, so I’m only anticipating two posts a week, but at least I’m going in with realistic expectations this time, right? While I’m not featuring as many women this go around as I’d like, I hope you enjoy learning about them all the same.

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Suzanne said...

Grandpa T's relatives were in the Martin handcart company and they came here and settled in Springville. I can't wait to read more of your posts.